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Quality Workmanship Since 1905

Memorializing loved ones is an important process. That’s why the entire process, from polished granite block to finished memorial is done at our own factory under our direct supervision. Each step is completed with an exacting eye for detail and a heightened sense of reverence.

Workmanship and Service are our trademarks.

Our large workspace and variety of tools allow us to offer all the services you need, from on-site name and date engraving, to advanced planning and consulting.

And by completing all of the work in our own building, we can insure that our monuments will look the best and last the longest. As an example, compare our engraving to another company’s engraving. Our letters are deeper which offers more readability and longevity. The results are unmistakably Stone Craft Monuments.

Single Monuments

Custom designed single monuments that are perfect for telling a dear person’s story in stone.

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Double Monuments

Custom designed double monuments, great for telling a story of two people in stone.

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Other Monuments

Custom designed monuments with unique shapes and layouts for a variety of applications.

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Visit us today to view a large selection of monument designs and to consult with a monument specialist.

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